How To Memorize In Five Simple Steps

Memorization is the process of committing to memory a concept that is needed in the future. It is a very important aspect of our everyday life regardless of which field of discipline we find ourselves in.

As students who learn each day, we come across concepts that need to be kept in our memories for later reference. Such concepts may come up in the form of terminologies (definitions), formulae, figures, motivational quotes, proverbs, passwords, scripture verses, etc.

There is a clear distinction between understanding a concept and memorizing a concept. While the former involves decoding and deciphering words in isolation and in context in order to comprehend the concept, the latter deals with putting the concept into human memory which, rather unfortunately, most of us find very tasking.

With about a decade in and outside the classroom setting preparing students for examinations, I have found a much quicker way of helping students commit to memory certain things they can’t afford to forget. You can watch the video here.

Before you attempt using this method, I advise that you ensure that the concept contains no errors. You may need a white formica board, marker (pen) and a duster. I recommend this set because of the easy erasing.

Step One:
Copy out the concept on the board, with the words neatly spaced out and easy to read and erase without cleaning others.

Step Two:
Identify the keywords in there, take note of them and memorize them first. You can mention them to yourself a few times even if you happen to possess an eidetic memory. Remember that the keywords are those words other than the articles and conjunctions that are critical to the concept.

Step Three:
With your keywords in memory, read over your concept at least three times paying attention to all other words.

Step Four:
(I call this the fun stage)
Erase a keyword from the concept and read over, fixing or mentioning(not writing) the missing word(keyword) as you go along. Repeat this for all other keywords.

Stage Five:
Erase all other words randomly and fix(mention) them in as you read over.

With the concept fully registered in your memory, write it out on the board to see how well you have memorized. You’ll be amazed at yourself.

Go ahead and use this method for any student who finds it difficult memorizing. All the best.


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