Your Development Is Your Worth

Personal Development; Key to Excellence.

One concept that has ruled the economic activities of the human race since the dawn of civilization is what we have come to know as value for money. According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, value for money is the monetary worth of something. In other words, a fair return or equivalent in goods, services or money for something exchanged.

When a person intends to pay money for goods or services, there is almost always the desire to get the most of what is being offered. This desire is what leads the person to scout a business arena in search of what he/she will call the best value for money. Staff recruitment or scouting, as some choose to call it, sometimes prove difficult as numerous factors need consideration in getting the best value for money. One person who is frequently faced with making such tasking decisions is the human resource manager. HRMs therefore appreciate it when among the possible options, there are few outstanding ones that have certain advantages over all others.

In addition to the core competencies required, most HRMs look out for soft skills as added value for money, thus the need for the job seeker to develop in the area of soft skills. After all, of what use will core competencies be when one is sitting at home (jobless) due to the inability to navigate one’s way at the workplace? While core competencies refer to the very skills that qualify a person to be placed on a professional pedestal, soft skills refer to the skills that enable such professionals to navigate their way around that arena. It involves the ability to relate, communicate and socialize with the working environment. Soft skills have become a very critical thing to look out for in the recruitment process as studies have shown that while a fourth of long term jobs are attributed to core competencies, a three-fourth of such jobs are held due to the possession of soft skills.

Same can be said of entrepreneurships and partnerships. There are businesses that have not been able to stand the test of time owing to the inadequacy of soft skills on the part of proprietors and partners. Equally, there are business ventures that have grown to become giant companies due to the ability of the owners to manoeuvre their way through the terrains with the help of soft skills. If you happen to be an entrepreneur, I bet you probably will like to be named among the latter category. This shouldn’t be difficult as all that matters is knowing when, where and how to develop yourself in soft skills while adding certifications to your resumé.

When should I develop myself in soft skills?
Since developing yourself is an investment, the most prudent time is NOW.

Where should I develop myself in soft skills?
C-leaders Institute is one of the best soft skills institutes that runs courses online as well as one-on-one tuition on demand. At C-leaders, you have over 130 courses from which to choose at very moderate fees as all courses have the same price of GH₵100.00 (about US$20.00) per course.

How should I develop myself in soft skills?
1. Download the C-leaders institute app from Play Store here or App Store here. That should be done under five minutes.

2. Open the app, tap Menu and tap
to create your account into
which all your courses shall be deposited.
A notification shall be sent to you by mail.

3. At the Home screen, tap Menu>Order to see
and shop for your choice(s) of skill(s). There are currently seven (7) categories ranging from Administrative Skills to Workplace Essentials from which you can choose.

4. Fill the order form and tap Place Order on the last page to complete your purchase.

5. Make your payment of GH₵100.00 (about US$20.00) per course to MTN Mobile Money number 0553998787(C-Leaders Institute) or through Express Pay.

6. Forward details of your course(s) and payment to 0505774971/0246324117 or for your course(s) to be activated.

Course activation is processed immediately your payment details are received.

Registration gives you access to one free course and certificates are generated upon passing a course.
Enjoy your development journey. See you at the top.


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