Emotional Mismanagement: Don’t Be A Culprit

Uncountable stories are told of people losing temper in the middle of what might have started as a normal conversation. Stories are also told of relationships that have come to abrupt endings. In most of these accounts, one common factor was identified; emotional mismanagement. To properly understand this concept, lets first identify what emotions are.

Emotion may be defined as the state of strong feeling that results from one’s circumstances, environment and relationships. Fear, sadness, joy, surprise, anger, disgust and trust are but a few of emotions exhibited by humans on daily basis. The dominance of any of these emotions however vary from person to person and so there is the need for an in-depth awareness of oneself to facilitate the proper management of such emotions.

Emotional management is defined as an individual’s capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Simply put, it’s the ability to identify and manage one’s emotions and that of others. Being intelligent in this respect connotes knowing when to display which emotion and to what degree and frequency. From this, emotional mismanagement may be said to be an ignorance of an individual’s emotions and those of others, and the failure to control and express such emotions as well as handling interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

While some may be very much aware of the emotion(s) that dominate their lives, whether positive or negative, they seem to ignore steps to manage them to enhance interpersonal relationships. It is noteworthy at this point that, as intuitive as emotions may be, the ability to manage them must be learnt over time consciously.  No matter how positive an emotion is regarded, it may become a nuisance if not managed, talk less of the negative ones.

One negative emotion that is common with very devastating ripples if mismanaged is anger. It is a feeling expressed in displeasure or disagreement of an utterance or action. Depending on the situation, a person can either be angry with another person/entity or self. Whichever the case, it is far better to manage anger than to be managed by anger. Reacting to circumstances when anger floods the thoughts can sometimes be very regrettable. The situation gets worse when one has access to any device that could help in venting that anger, be it a lethal weapon or even a pen, which can be used to write falsehood when angry.

A story is told of one policeman who mismanaged his anger (or rather got managed by anger) when a woman who happened to be a customer of a financial institution at which he was on duty resisted attempts by staff to turn her out. Apparently, he was called upon to help drive the client out. What could have been an amicable dialogue evolved into a violent yet pathetic scene owing to emotional mismanagement by both the woman and the policeman. Whilst the former saw no reason why she could not have access to her money and so had feelings of mistrust, annoyance, betrayal and fear among others, the latter, who failed to wear the same mental shoes of the woman had feelings of irritation and annoyance due to disrespect, or perhaps, insubordination.

The actions and reactions of the above scenario are nothing to write home about. Read the story here.

The need to avoid such damaging reactions is why every individual should make conscious efforts to learn the management of emotions before it ruins him/her. One place to learn is the C-Leaders Institute. This is one of the best soft skills institutes that runs courses online as well as one-on-one tuition on demand. At C-leaders, you have over 130 courses from which to choose at very moderate fees as all courses have the same price.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Download the C-leaders institute app from Play Store here or App Store here. That should be done under five minutes.
  2. Open the app, tap Menu and tap Register to create your account into which all your courses shall be deposited. A notification shall be sent to you by mail.
  3. At the Home screen, tap Menu>Order to see and shop for your choice(s) of skill(s). There are currently seven (7) categories ranging from Administrative Skills to Workplace Essentials from which you can choose.
  4. Fill the order form and tap Place Order on the last page to complete your purchase.
  5. Make your payment of GH₵100.00 (about US$20.00) per course to MTN Mobile Money number 0553998787(C-Leaders Institute) or through Express Pay.
  6. Forward details of your course(s) and payment to 0505774971/0246324117 or burningben12@gmail.com for your course(s) to be activated.

Course activation is processed immediately your payment details are received.

Registration gives you access to one free course and certificates are generated upon passing a course.

All the best in your studies.


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