3 Critical Responses To Life

Life, as we have come to know it, is not entirely fair. Whiles growing up, we envision, (or do i say fantasize) a lot of things ranging from the sort of work we’ll do to the kind of houses and cars we’ll buy. Some talk of the countries they will visit while some even picture the calibre of spouse they will love to have. (You can be sure you’re not alone in this one).

The reality however begins to dawn when the various factors that need be in place for those desires to materialise start to disappear. One of  such factors is the presence of parents. The loss of a parent in the life of a child can be the most devastating event talk less of losing both parents. While some relief may come from the extended family in few cases, an absence of such external support may spell doom for the future of such a child.

It is an undeniable fact that such situations have contributed to the formation of most criminals that terrorize society today. Arguably, choosing to terrorize society is certainly not an acceptable way to respond to circumstances presented by life. It is however not uncommon to see members of society, especially the youth, choosing to abuse substances, resources, other members of society and even the environment in response to issues they face. This, you’ll agree, has worsened matters in their own lives as well as the lives of others around them.

There are three critical situations that life presents on daily basis that require critical responses without which, as established earlier, lives can be wrecked. Whether you’re a victim or culprit of such wrong responses to life, it’s never too late to learn the right responses to give when caught up in such situations.

When You Are Tired.
While some life activities place more demand on the brain, others tend to require both mental and muscular input. Whatever the activity, there comes a time of natural fatigue and consequently, reduced productivity. Taking a break to rest over time relative to the task to be accomplished is necessary. Unfortunately, some individuals spend so much time resting that, rising up to the task once again becomes difficult. That, dear reader, is laziness; a wrong response. You are permitted to get tired, but never to get lazy. Laziness is never a response to tiredness. Guard against it, rise up and get going. It’s not over, until it’s over!

When You Fail.
After putting one’s all in a venture, we naturally expect to receive success. It however happens that when returns don’t meet our expectations, there’s the natural temptation to quit entirely. That, obviously, is the wrong response. Quitting is never an option as a human. Believe it or not, the One who created you has never made a choice of quitting although He was faced with several venture failures. According to Ancient Hebrew literature, anytime the Creator of Heaven and Earth encountered a situation in which a human partner failed, He went back to the drawing board and restrategized. Follow suit; never quit!

When You Get Hurt.
As humans created in the image of the God of Abraham, we are spirits having souls and dwelling in physical bodies. Journeying through the terrains of life, an individual may sustain spiritual, emotional or physical injuries. Just as a cut in the flesh causes pain and a possible deformation, a wound sustained in the spirit due to spiritual battles with certain evil spirits or an emotional hurt resulting from broken relationships can cause so much pain that, a person may be tempted not to ever make another move in that arena. Dear reader, giving up on anything in life or even on life itself is one thing you should never entertain. It may cross your mind in certain situations but you know the right response, don’t you? Restrategize, and get going!

In summary, an adage in my mother tongue, the Eʋe language, says “Wo anyidzeƒe megazu wo anyimlɔƒe o”. Literally meaning, do not let the place of your downfall become your sleeping place. You need to show the inherent toughness in your genes. Be determined. Remember, when the going gets tough, only the tough get going!


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