Looking For A Job? Why Not A Business?

Work, defined as any activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result, has been with man since the beginning of time. Whether for monetary or any other reason, a person’s work may either be seen as a job or a business. Work is regarded as a job when the individual works for another usually for monetary gains, while it becomes a business when the individual works for and pays him/herself.

More often than not, when we think of working to provide for ourselves and dependents, (if there be any) we prefer searching for a job. Among other things, many believe that fitting oneself under an already established firm is more convenient than starting a business. As true as this may be in some cases, as job hunting has its own episode to tell, it has only a few short term advantages over starting a business. This decision, in order to be made effectively has two questions that beg answering: (1) why should I start a business rather than find a job? (2) which business should I really go into?

While some may be convinced that a job offers secured periodic (usually monthly) income and less amount of risk, here are a few of the reasons why you should start your business.
* Unlike a job, any increase in profit comes directly to you and so inspires hard work else you fall flat.
*Taking risks as a CEO makes you a far better personality and boosts your self-confidence as you maximize profits. As the saying goes “The greater the risk, the greater the reward”.
*You can better manage stress and your overall health issues as you are not under any external pressure. Thus, you can take a break when the need arises.
* Unlike a job in which proceeds from your extra efforts barely reflect in your pocket, any extra increase in profit of your business reflects in your pocket.
* Whatever you invest in your business, you are assured of a next-of-kin taking over from you whereas your job in a firm cannot be inherited by your next-of-kin. Thus, you can trust that your investment is more of long term than short term.
* In addition to the above, as a CEO, you are likely to be working along your passion lines and thus fulfilling your destiny.

With your belief of starting a business, shall we now examine the possible areas you should be considering in starting your business. To a very large extent, a viable business is one that meets the needs of people. Don’t expect anyone to give you money when you have no idea of what it takes to meet their needs. These who have the solutions are those to whom money runs. In other words, when you have solution to people’s needs, you don’t waste time chasing money; money chases you!

Over the years, mankind has been faced with a myriad of challenges from various angles. The following are but a few of such challenges which if you are able to find solution to in a way, should see you become the next CEO whose net worth is higher than the GDP of a whole country!

  1. Energy
    Inasmuch as man has discovered numerous sources of energy and has effectively put them to use, the increase in population coupled with the invention and production of gadgets that require energy to function makes the energy market a very lucrative one.
  2. Water
    Despite the fact that about 70-80% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, only 2.5% of this is fresh water is good for drinking. Most of this fresh water is however locked up in underground lakes, icecaps and glaciers, leaving less than 1% available for drinking. Statistics have it that over 783 000 000 people on earth are unable to access good drinking water. By now, you know what I am driving at, don’t you?
  3. Food
    Just like water, food is one necessity that has no substitute and whose scarcity threatens the very existence of any living thing. Large scale agriculture is one business venture that you are sure to profit from. You should however consider agro-processing in your production and not only stop at producing raw materials. Export should be the final stage of your business as you would have produced enough to meet the demands of the local market.
  4. Environmental Protection and Preservation
    Due to population explosion, there seems to be an unprecedented pressure on the environment. This pressure appears to be mounting by the day with authorities at a loss as to the best measures to adopt.
  5. Poverty
    The inability of some people to feed themselves and their dependents has become more of a global concern than a national one. Your ability to find an everlasting solution to this menace in a way is what everyone is waiting for!

Other areas of human challenges are;

  1. Terrorism & War, 7. Disease, 8. Education, 9. Democracy and 10. Population

You know yourself better. You know your passions better than anyone else does. Your passion may be found in more than one or two of these areas of human challenges. Step up and take your place among the CEOs of this generation, and posterity shall ever be grateful!

I wish you well in your endeavours!! See you at the top!!!


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